Teresa Hairston is indeed a woman you want to know if you don’t already. Being the Publisher and Founder of Gospel Today Magazine since 1989 she is indeed a woman of great wisdom as it relates to building a business from the ground up and leaving a legacy for your children. Ms. Hairston shares in an exclusive interview with us wisdom she has accumulated through her life’s journey of building a successful, international brand and how you can too!


Women of Standard:  Hello Mrs. Hairston. How are you doing?

Teresa Hairston: Fantastic! How are you?


Awesome! The world knows you as the Founder of Gospel Today magazine. I noticed that you also have a lot of experience as a minister of music. Tell us a little about that.

I began playing the piano at 4 years old and became our church musician by the age seven. My skill evolved and I later participated in and directed several gospel choirs. I developed a genuine love for gospel music at a very early age although I played classical music and studied the regular music curriculum in college. Gospel music seemed to grab my soul and it spoke to me in a different way. Somewhere along the line, I knew that the lyrics of the music were very different and unique which is why I loved it!

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