mali-music-thumb-473xauto-9477We have witnessed his Contemporary Christian sound, displaying his level of musicianship and conglomeration of styles, genres and textures when it comes to music. He is none other than Mali Music. After releasing smash hits like, “Yahweh” and “Ready Aim,” Mali Music is set to release a secular album that will appeal to the mainstream. But what has sparked the shift from Gospel to mainstream? Mali Music simply states, “I went mainstream because it was a wonderful opportunity.” He was recently on the Yolanda Adams Morning Show, so check out Mali Music as he explains his shift, and hear what he had to say about the unspoken ceiling in Gospel music in this exclusive interview.

The Interview: Mali Music Interview on Yolanda Adams Morning Show

About Mali Music:

Mali Music’s versatility is without limitation. His performances cover all music from gospel to big band jazz to romantic ballads. He particularly enjoys singing “oldies”, a refreshing surprise considering his youth. It comes as no surprise; his love for music is largely influenced by legendary music lovers like Sam Cooke and Otis Redding. Mali’s original music is easily defined as Contemporary Christian. His sound, heavily inspired by the word of musical geniuses Bilal and D’Angelo, is free, boundless, and uninhibited. Beyond bold, his stage presence is captivating, and his energy infectious. Each track and lyric tells a new story – expect elements of surprise! Though he remains unrestricted as a musician, artist, songwriter, and producer, his passion lies in creating powerful, effective contemporary Christian music that stretches its genre. [Excerpt from]

Check out Mali Music:



“Ready Aim”


What’s Your Take?

What do you think about Mali Music’s shift to mainstream/secular music?

Considering his unconventional Gospel sound, do you think it’s really a shift or just an expansion of his musical sound?